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Join us every week as we go through current events, our lives, our community, discuss everyday stuff, lifes joys and struggles from the point of view of the working class.

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Creator- Christopher Delane Surles

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Join me, Limpy each week as I cover current events, personal stuff and and everything else from the point of view of the working class. don't miss out, share, comment, post!



Episode 1, 2019 The Darkness

Kyle and I talk about my struggles over the last few months

episode 34 of 2018 "cold ass retarded honky

I'm A Cold Ass Honky. Featuring the music of waylon Jennings.

episode 33 a tribute to johnny cash

I have been a huge Johnny Cash fan for a long time. I just wanted to share some of my favorite songs and a couple of my not so favorite songs and a few covers of His songs and some history of The Man in Black and His personal and professional life hope its not that boring. Thanks, Limpy.

episode 32 of 2018 "Buenas Nochas From A Lonely Room"

 I'm in a seedy ass motel in Hernando County Fl., trying to stay afloat. after my separation from my Wife I find myself in a shitty motel, still recording, I can't/won't be stopped! it's a sad affair I know but I incorporated some really cool songs, I hope y'all enjoy 

episode 31 of 2018 dissolution of marriage


Well Jody A.K.A Fisty McTurdnipples and I call it quits. She and I decide to dissolve our marriage and move on in 2 separate directions. It's been a long time coming and we agreed that it's a bitter sweet end but we're good. Nothing but love and respect for this woman. One hell of a woman and an ex

episode 30 east bound and down truck driver tribute

 Kyle and I read a few articles about the history of truck driving and the future of truck driving. We talk about the violence that took place throughout the history of driving for a living. We talk to an over the road truck driver and she fills us in on what it's like to be a female truck driver. 

episode 29 of 2018

Spider Infested Hell Hole

 John "Big John From Philly" Hannon, Chris "Pizza Piesenburg" Coleman from The Hit Podcast Funny To Informing join me at Tha Trailer Park/Tha Wrinkled Penny Cafe for some chicken on the grill. Mike "Micronot" Arnot joins us later and we all battle enormous spiders. 

Episode 28 of 2018 Halloween at Tha Trailer Park

It's Halloween at Tha Trailer Park and Kyle and I talk about movies that messed with us in our youth and the Bughar Monstar and other creepy things

episode 27 of 2018 immigration

kyle and i , here it isabout immagration and a tone of other shit, sorry, i got drunk and im running late for work so here


episode 26 of 2018 double standards, women vs. men

Kyle and I discuss the unfair double standards between men and women, the crazy growth in The villages Fl, and some other stuff.

Episode 25 of 2018 derogatory word origins


I talk about and try to explain , with the help of wiki and other sources, why the words we've learned over the years are not acceptable and track down their origins to the best of my ability.

comedy podcast

episode 24 of 2018 Keep On Truckin'

I talk about a close call at work, homeless people, my own personal experiences with homelessness and some other stuff

episode 23 of 2018 tears of the sun

Religion and Politics , you know, the stuff that people looooooove to talk about Rick and Anthony from Entering the Black Hole call in and Robert "Fo-Skin-Ya" Taggart calls in from New Orleans and we discuss our upcoming fish fry at TTP.


episode 22 of 2018 vagina tree

I talk about minimum, again. A little bit about my work history. My time in prison and i sing a song about a vagina tree that i dreamed about


episode 21 of 2018 day dream believer

I talk about long boring days at work and how i day dream and fantasize about things and how my fantasies turn on me and ruin everything

episode 20 of 2018 broken glass

Rick fixes some of my tech trouble, we then go on to talk about our late blooming as far as purchasing smart phones and other technology, my step son breaks a window, again and Anthony explains why he thinks that the black race is far more superior than all the other races.

episode 19 of 2018 anthony's episode

Anthony Smith of Entering The Black Hole With Rick And Anthony joins me at Tha Trailer park where we discuss everything from minimum wage to slavery and how Anthony thinks White people are lazy